27 August, 2015 21:27

The days just march on sometimes. Wake, slog, home, dine, bed kid 1, bed kid 2, brush teeth, start again. Laundry, cooking, work, shopping are all included in ‘slog’. No need to mention nursing or I’d have to mention it 10 times or more.

It’s OK. Childbearing years, I’ve discovered, are not for saving money, growing gardens, or big accomplishments (besides birthing a baby human).

It’s an older photo, but that guy is 4 months old today. Blink and he’s gonna eat crawl talk walk. Sigh.

Bazaar in Esfehan

Norah didn’t neglect a single stall in the exquisite Bazaars of Esfehan, literally stuffed full of delights for all five senses. The handicrafts there were incredible. Many artisans are sitting inside or just outside of their shops working on the pieces they sell. You can hear the tap-tap-tapping of the metal workers throughout the bazaar, as they hammer and chisel designs onto copperware.

Gastrointestinal delights

If GI trouble was finally going to hit us, it might as well have been on the cold, cold high desert road back from Esfehan, where the only facilities available are squat toilets behind roadside restaurants which are just this side of clean, definitely don’t have toilet paper and probably only have freezing cold water from the bidet with which to wash. At least we have a big bottle of Oregon Grape Root and good attitudes.